Decarbonization plays a central role in the ecological transition. That's why we have launched numerous initiatives and projects to mitigate our climate impact.
Our committment to Net Zero
We have signed our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.
A carbon neutral production plant
Along with our headquarters and branch offices, our production plant in Parma has been carbon neutral since 2018.
Circularity challenges us to rethink our actions, moving beyond the take-use-dispose mindset. For some time now, we have been striving to minimize our use of materials as much as possible, and when that's not possible, we aim to reuse them or, finally, recycle them.
tons of plastic collected in 2022
In partnership with Plastic Bank, for every product with plastic packaging sold in 2022, an equal amount of plastic dispersed into the environment was removed from the coastal areas in Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil.
recycled, bio-based and mass balance plastic packaging
tons of fossil-based virgin plastic avoided from 2014
From 2014 to date the use of recycled or renewable plastic allowed us to avoid the use of a large amount of fossil-based virgin plastic.
Our vision is regenerative and aims to restore the environmental balance between humans and nature. Therefore, we exercise active leadership in researching, promoting, and implementing good agricultural and sourcing practices.
hectars dedicated to experiment with new farming practices
In Parma, in front of the Village, we have established the European Regenerative Organic Center in partnership with Rodale Institute.
naturally derived ingredients in our formulas
Among these, we consider natural ingredients and naturally modified ones through sustainable processes.
rapidly biodegradable ingredients in our formulas
More than 70& of thecompound of these ingredients biodegrades in 28 days.
B Corp Advocacy
We value interdependence, which is why we advocate for the B Corp model to our stakeholders, particularly our partners.
B Corp-certified partners
In 2022 another 4 of our partners was certified B Corp.
members in the B Corp Beauty Coalition in May 2023
The Coalition, founded in 2021, aims to improve environmental and social standards in the beauty industry.
We involve several partners in the EROC experimental research
We are committed to involving an increasing number of partners in research activities at EROC.