What is a B Corp?
It is a company certified for its positive impact on the people and the environment. It pursues objectives that go beyond profit, starting from a regenerative, more inclusive and sustainable socio-economic model, which creates and redistributes value among all stakeholders.
B Corp, measuring our positive impact
Why are B Corps different from other companies?
Being a B Corp means believing in a more advanced and alternative business model to the traditional one, in which respect and positive impact on people and the environment is at the center of everyday activities. The Davines Group, in addition to being a Certified B Corporation since 2016, has also become a Benefit Company since 2019. Let's find out what these definitions mean.
Its purpose is to generate profit, to be distributed to its shareholders.
B Corporations distribute the value they create not only among shareholders, but also among all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, the local community, and the environment. Davines has been a B Corp since 2016.
When a company decides to become a Benefit Corporation, it reinforces in its by-laws the commitment to operate not only for profit, but also for the benefit of the community and planet. Davines has been a Benefit Corporation since 2019.
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