The goal: net zero emissions
Davines Group’s journey towards decarbonization
The Net Zero Program
As a part of its strategy, the Davines Group has defined a Net Zero Roadmap based on four main pillars.
The Davines Group aims to transparently measure, monitor and communicate its carbon footprint. In 2021, for the first time, the Group calculated 100% of its carbon footprint related to the previous year, thereby achieving the goal of measuring its organization’s carbon footprint and covering scopes 1, 2 and 3.
Following the signing of our commitment with SBTi to achieve the Net Zero goal by 2050 at the latest, the group has embarked on a journey of setting long-term emission reduction targets and identifying drivers and projects to implement that will enable us to achieve these goals.
The Davines Group aims to remove 100% of the emissions it is not yet able to reduce by adopting natural carbon sequestration solutions such as afforestation and reforestation, i.e., high-quality, Plan Vivo-certified projects that are internationally recognized among the leading standards for community land use projects.
The Davines Group believes in the value of collective action and the interdependence of realities united by the same values. For this reason, it conducts engagement and advocacy with internal and external stakeholders to multiply its positive impact.
Our projects
Km Verde
Ethio Trees
Carbon Neutrality Alliance