Tomorrow and The Butterfly
Can you have beauty without sustainability? According to us, you can't. In this film we try to explain why, telling you inspiring stories of sustainability and beauty, from all over the world.
"How can you have beauty without sustainability? They go well together because you cannot have one without the other."
Davide Bollati - Chairman Davines Group
The movie is composed by six episodes, one prologue and one epilogue
We meet Davide Bollati and his unique philosophy toward business. We discover the new house of the company, the Davines Village, together with other characters of the film.
Living Sculptures - Italy
A group of Slow Food farmers, supported by Davines and driven by Cristina Pellizzari, are trying to save the ancient specie of Quercetano olive tree in Tuscany from urban encroachment
Foundations - Italy
We meet Silvana and Gianni Bollati, founders of the company, and discover how a small home business became an international company with a profound sense of ethics.
episode iii
The power of beauty - Cambodia
Matthew Fairfax, an entrepreneur inthe hairdressing world, works to save youth whoare human trafficking survivors by giving them the opportunity to pursue a career in thebeauty industry.
Butterflies - Italy
Through the words of his sister Stefania, we begin to better understand the nature of Davide: "It is impossible to predict the direction of a butterfly's flight. Yet, it always manages to get where it wants to go. Davide is like a butterfly".
Episode V
I must be rebel - usa
In the United States, salon owners Chelsey Pickthorn and Jocelyn Simone collaborate with indie music bands across the country to help them create their own look.
Episode VI
Shampoo - Italy
Back in Parma, Davines’ R&D lab works to develop a new super-sustainable product, A Single Shampoo. A labor of love for ex CEO Paolo Braguzzi, to raise the bar for eco-friendly shampoo, even if the project appearsto be a never-ending quest.
While Davide Bollati is leaving for a trip, we finally understand the deep nature of his soul.
The protagonist
The director
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