Rethinking Plastic
A global campaign aimed at preventing 100 tons of plastic from reaching the sea, in collaboration with Plastic Bank®
Plastic Bank®
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Rethinking plastic
Reduce, reuse, recycle, regenerate
Why are we using plastic?
Our Plastic Footprint
What is plastic leakage?
tons - Plastic Footprint
The total amount of plastic waste generated by Davines Group: it includes both the waste produced by our manufacturing plant and offices (27%), and the plastic packaging of our products marketed worldwide (73%).
tons - Plastic Leakage
There is still a residual part - 1,9% of our plastic footprint, about 14 tons - that may potentially end up in the environment due to inefficient waste management. This inspired us to accelerate our efforts on the topic.
tons - Plastic Collection
In the autumn 2021, we will start our plastic collection project with Plastic Bank to prevent that 100 tons dispersed in the environment end up in the ocean, involving local people in the collection to improve their quality of life.
The type of plastic we use
a circular approach
When choosing plastic, we prioritize recycled or bio-based plastic.
recycled or bio-based plastic packaging
tons of plastic saved from 2014 thanks to eco-design