Carbon Footprint
“We, the inhabitants of the Earth, travel together as passengers in a small spaceship. We are dependent on its vulnerable resources, preserved from annihilation only thanks to the care, work and love we dedicate to this fragile spaceship”.
Our Commitment to the climate
Beyond Carbon Neutrality
Our decarbonization journey
The production site in Parma starts using electricity from renewable sources. We start monitoring and neutralizing the carbon emissions deriving from the life cycle of our most iconic products' packaging, the Essential Haircare line.
We measure and monitor all the emissions directly related to the Parma production site activities (Scope 1 and 2). 47% of our products (based on turnover) have carbon neutral packaging thanks to the neutralization of 100% of the generated carbon emissions.
We become a carbon neutral company: we measure, monitor, reduce, and neutralize all the emissions under our direct control (Scope 1 and 2). 100% of our products have carbon neutral packaging- We neutralize 100% of the emissions generated by our packaging life cycle.
Parma production site is now powered 100% by renewable energy thanks to the substitution of natural gas with biomethane. We launch our first carbon offset product: all the emissions generated in the life cycle of the product are neutralized except for the use phase (at home or in the salon). Davines commits together with other 500 B Corps to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030.
27,5% of our products (based on turnover) have their life cycle emissions neutralized (except for the use phase). We define our overall strategy to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030.
Carbon Glossary
All the things you've always wanted to know about CO2, or never thought to ask