A Coalition to Improve Social and Environmental Practises of the Beauty Industry and Raise Public Awareness of Connecting Beauty with Responsibility
Together with 25 other leading B Corps certified companies, we have created a new coalition that aims to promote systemic and lasting change in the beauty industry by improving its sustainability standards through collective action. The coalition now comprises 50 companies from four different continents.
The B Corp Beauty Coalition is a global initiative of the B Corps belonging to the beauty industry and its supply chain, and it aims to:
The Beauty Coalition Manifesto
Three key aspects on which the coalition will work in 2022, with the aim of bringing concrete improvements:
“As Certified B Corporations meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, we have become increasingly uncomfortable with the social and environmental footprint of the beauty industry and concluded our respective solo efforts to enable positive change can be enhanced through a partnership of mutual commitment. So, we have decided to form a coalition to leverage our combined strengths and deliver tangible benefits to beauty customers, communities, and the planet we share. In interdependence, which is one of the founding values of the B Corp movement, there is no social sustainability without environmental sustainability, no progress without respect for ecosystems and human rights. Without human ecology, there is simply no future".
Davide Bollati, Chairman of Davines Group and founding member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition.
The Coalition is ready to welcome other certified B Corps willing to add their talent and contribution to this mission.